Welcome to Roadie

In 2018, a couple friends had an idea. Rent two Land Rover Defenders in Iceland and go 4×4’ing. Bring a few photographers and photograph couples wearing wedding attire. A wild take on a wedding photography workshop, and Roadie was born. The first event proved there are many of us who seek spontaneous experiences in rugged locations. The kind of trips that offer portfolio building combined with an exciting story to take home. Roadie has since hosted 153 photographers in six countries.

Embracing spontaneity is Roadie’s secret ingredient. It’s not a wedding photography workshop with a rigid structure. Sure, the mornings might start around the time the night before ends. The hikes on snowy mountaintops can be excessive. And yes, we sometimes take turns up road you should not be driving on. Within the madness is one goal: the best photos possible. So buckle up if you join Roadie. It is a wild ride shared amongst a group of individuals who are on the same team for a few intense days.

Who You Are

You see the pinnacle of a mountain and daydream your route to the top. The kind who hikes further to see if the view is better around the corner. Jump in a boat because shooting towards the shore makes more sense, and boats boats boats. You light a fire because real smoke looks great, and having a jacket smell like smoke for a day is not a big deal. 4AM wakeup calls don’t phase you because you know what sunrise awaits. See a puddle? Drive through the puddle. You have found your people with Roadie. A niche group of adventurers all sharing the same goal. Killer photos in the best nature has to offer. We just happened to photograph weddings.

Find Your Wild

Roadie is rough around the edges. The intent is there due to the fact we’ve been around. Humble beginnings had us jotting an entire workshop down pen to paper in a city library (bad idea). That evolved to all-day keynote presentations (boring). Experience has allowed Roadie to boil everything down to what inspire us. Adventure, story, spontaneity. Less talking, more action. Now we’re talking.

Come humble, check ego at the door, and you’re in for a treat. Roadie works best when we act like a team. The photos and experience is fulfilling when everyone buys-in to a team mindset. Everyone has something to offer. Roadie is the spark to share your superpower, if you want to. Chats during the car ride, the espressos or beers, around the campfire. Those are the moments that will leave you with the nuggets you’re after.

When Roadie started, it was two photographers with one idea. Land Rovers in Iceland. The domino effect happened next. Trips to Lofoten, Madeira, Dolomites, the ICEHOTEL, and the Scottish Highlands. Exciting locations, yet many of the ideas come from the community. When you experience a Roadie – or are even considering one – you are part of the family which means you have a say in where we go. Have an insane idea that you’ve never said aloud? We want to hear it. Nothing is out of bounds. No bad ideas. We want the same thing: incredible experiences that feed our passion for photography. So pitch us your idea if you have one. Or share it while we take in an incredible sunrise in a location you’ve dreamt about for years.