Cole Roberts and Mark Pacura hosted the original Roadie trips. Since then, more hosts have joined the foray. Zanna Metzer (Lofoten, April 2019, September 2019, ICEHOTEL in March 2020, Sigtuna in September 2021), Christin Eide (Lofoten, September 2019), Anna Ascari (all Dolomites workshops), Pink Iceland (Iceland, April 2022), and Styrmir & Heiðdís (Iceland, April 2022).

The common thread amongst the hosts is a hospitality mindset. As hosts, we’re on your side throughout a trip and are there only to have you arrive at the best locations. Our portfolios do not matter; only yours does.


We’re proud of where we’ve been so far, and excited about where we’re going. Looking back on previous trips, locations matter.

  • Dolomites | April 2022, October 2021, September 2021, September 2020
  • Iceland | March 2022, September 2021, May 2019, March 2019, October 2018, September 2018
  • Scotland | April 2022
  • Madeira | January 2022
  • All-Inclusive Sigtuna | September 2021
  • All-Inclusive ICEHOTEL | March 2020
  • Lofoten | September 2019, April 2019

Listing previous tours is a reminder for us that we can always improve. For you, it acts as an indicator that we know where we’re taking you and have local insight. Want the best locations? Chances are we’ve been there. When you sign up for Roadie, you’re in experienced hands.


Host & Location Ideas

Roadie has ambitious plans, and welcomes yours as well. As we grow, we want to work together with hosts in exciting new places.

A fit for hosting a Roadie Workshop begins and ends with hospitality. If you feel this is your superpower, you’ll fit right in with the crew.

If you have an idea for where Roadie should go next, let us know.

Contact us and let that crazy idea come to life. Nothing is off-limits, no idea too extreme.

Fulfilling all your adventure needs and elopement dreams. Seriously. Cole and Mark know how to run a workshop and you won’t have time to rest or to be disappointed. You’ll be exploring the most epic landscapes, shooting some wonderful couples and enjoying life-changing caffeine-fuelled conversations with photographers from around the globe. The perfect combination. – Lauren Knuckey

Roadie is the perfect combination of learning and just enjoying life. Fantastic views, fantastic people and lots of new knowledge. A memory for life – Maria Broström